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Sometimes in life you have to walk out onto the skinny branches of the tree to have the results you deserve.

Skinny Branches is a coaching practice founded by Victoria Serna Gabourel, C.E.C., grounded in ontological coaching, the study of the being.  In ontological coaching, this means that coach and client explore and shine a light on blind spots, designing new practices together and implementing new thoughts, language, practices and systems to generate the results you intend.  You will have a committed, certified partner/coach to celebrate and be accountable with, ensuring greater success and fulfillment. Ontological Coaching is sustainable even after the coaching relationship is completed, making it an even more effective pathway to your success.

As a client, you will be supported in stretching and balancing who you are being, so that you can do whatever it takes and have all the results you have dreamed of!  This type of work sometimes includes walking out on the skinny branches of the tree to realize your goals, fulfill your purpose and find bliss. 

Whether you are looking for that ideal relationship, the job of your dreams, an income that is in alignment with who you are, a body that has your insides match your outsides, a new set of practices to have you experience balance in all areas of your life, or healing from past experiences, Skinny Branches is the answer.

From a committed relationship with a professional, certified coach you can expect to:
~ Begin to learn and grow, observing your world view objectively and making appropriate shifts in your life
~ Focus on what inspires you, moving beyond what you already think and know, increasing your results
~ Create new foundations in relationships resulting in connection, creativity, and commitment
~ Experience passion, joy and peace as you move through your blocks and into success

I will work with you to design the perfect coaching plan including scheduled coaching sessions, implementing new practices, effective exercises to increase awareness, and consistent feedback, accountability and partnership.  Call now to schedule an interview: (949) 690-6294, or email for more information. 

I look forward to the possibility of coaching you to success!

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